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Intro to Sketch
at Santa Fe Improv
1202 Parkway Drive, Santa Fe, NM

Tuesdays 6pm - 8pm

January 17 - March 7

(7 sessions, no class on February 14)



Prerequisite: None


Intro to Sketch is a 2-hour class for students of all levels. Whether you’re an experienced writer making a foray into the world of comedy, a performer interested in generating their own material, or a sassy horse who's learned to talk, Intro to Sketch is for you! (Note: equine students must enter through the back due to height considerations.) In this class you'll have the opportunity to brainstorm, develop, write, and even perform your own sketches in a fun, supportive, and safe environment.


We'll discuss the basics of comedic theory, from the rule of threes to beats, buttons, and beyond. We'll also examine the history of comedy across the globe, from ancient Greece to vaudeville to TikTok, and study iconic sketches from SNL, Key & Peele, Monty Python, The Carol Burnett Show, and many other classics.


What makes a good sketch? How do writers come up with their ideas? Do you have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood and prove your parents wrong? The answers to these questions and more are… extremely subjective! But we’ll explore them together nevertheless. Since this is a hands-on class, students will be expected to write some material on their own and must feel comfortable sharing it with the class for (friendly) peer review and feedback.

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